About the Photographer

Danielle “Deed” DeBruno is a photographer & filmmaker. Based in Las Vegas, NV. Working out of SON Studios.

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In the enchanted realm of imagery, where colors dance in harmony and moments are frozen in the magical embrace of lenses, Danielle DeBruno emerges as a sorceress of the visual arts. Serving as the mystical guardian of SON Studios, she is not merely a fashion and commercial photographer but a weaver of dreams and architect of enchantment. Through her lens, she conjures atmospheres that transport viewers to realms unknown, captivating their senses with the luminosity of otherworldly hues.

Her photographic alchemy unveils a compelling quality to not just capture, but to fantastically immortalize fleeting moments in the tapestry of time. Beholders find themselves bewitched by the ethereal spell woven into her work, often left to ponder the mystical techniques that bestow upon her creations a stunning cinematic effect.

A pupil of the elite, Danielle has honed her craft under the mentorship of top-tier West Coast photographers, imbibing their expertise and elevating her skills to new heights. Commercially, she has left an indelible mark, casting her lens upon the prestigious pages of magazines and collaborating with renowned fashion lines and cosmetics giants like Melt Cosmetics, Melonhopper, Vegas Seven, and jlinsnider. In the fiercely competitive arena of visual arts, Danielle DeBruno strides with unshakable confidence, her portfolio a testament to the prowess of a photographer who fearlessly shapes and defines the narrative of her industry.